5 Reasons why companies are still using desktops in 2019

Many tech pundits have predicted the death of PCs with the coming of an array of notebooks, convertibles, and portable laptops in the market. Despite this prediction, the use of desktops is still taking place at offices in 2019. Though the desktop market has seen a dip in the sale, yet it is not dead yet. Neither do we see that shortly.  

Dell is one of the most popular desktop manufacturers in the tech world. You can find several models from them to use at home and offices. No matter which one you choose, excellent durability and performance are bound to come.

Why are Dell desktops popular among the companies?

  1. Perfect computers for offices

Similar to business laptop models, you can find a lot of desktops with advanced hardware, configurations and features. The Dell precision desktop workstation is a wonderful choice for a business that requires high computational power and speed. It is a workstation that can boost your productivity, work efficiency and reliability working on projects.  

  1. Assemble your desktops easily

So, you can not find a computer with the desired configuration and hardware. No worries at all. Assemble your desktop with the desired processor, HDD, graphics card, and more for a suitable performance and speed.

Assembling a Dell i5 desktop will cost a little bit more but would help in overcoming operational issues increasing speed and performance.

  1. Easy to maintain and repair

Regular maintenance is required for computer systems to avoid problems in work. Impacts of a faulty desktop are huge, which hurts the business bottom line.

In a laptop, the parts are small, which are difficult to repair and not readily available from the store. Apart from that, the desktop parts are significant and cost less than a laptop accessory. So, it is easy to maintain or refresh a desktop with modern hardware.

  1. Desktops are more powerful than laptops

It is a proven fact that a desktop is more powerful than a laptop with similar configuration and hardware. The desktop comes with a more powerful processor and fans which enable to raise clock speed without any hindrance. In other words, the Dell i3 desktop will be faster than a Dell i3 laptop with similar configurations.

  1. Save money from tech budget

The most important benefit for a company is saving on the tech budget. Desktops are much cheaper than laptops with similar processor and hardware. Selecting the advanced desktops will help a company to save money on the tech purchase.

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Why are Dell OptiPlex Desktops Ideal Choice for Offices?

Many tech experts had predicted the demise of desktops after the emergence of laptops in the market. While their foretell proved right to some extent with a decreased sale, but desktops are still going strong with a significant market share.

Dell is one of the top three top PC manufacturers with a significant sale in the PC market.  Dell Inspiron and Dell OptiPlex are ideal choices for small businesses to large enterprises to use in offices. Desktops are powerful than ever with the ability to increase performance, secure, and reliable. Using these computers, managing business operations would be smooth fulfilling your computing needs.

Popular desktops from Dell OptiPlex series

  1. Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro

OptiPlex 3050 is a Dell i3 desktop with a 7th generation processor making it a powerful machine to work on small projects. The specifications are flexible with a sleek design with 4 GB RAM, HD graphics, and 500 GB HDD. Above all, you can customize the configuration based on your computing while buying, at an attractive price. As it has a sleek design, installing the PC won’t make your office cluttered.

  1. Dell Optiplex 3030

OptiPlex 3030 is a Dell i5 desktop with an immersive dual-screen functionality. Though it is the fastest desktops, yet it is powerful enough to perform mainstream projects with Dell management tool.

When it comes to specifications, the desktop comes with 4 GB RAM, HDD 500 GB, and HD graphics 4600. The features available with this PC are designed to deliver impressive performance and reliability in business operations.

Beside the above low-budget desktops, you can select the luxury ones of this series to get premium security and hardware. The OptiPlex 5000, 7000, and XE series are thoughtfully designed keeping the computing needs of businesses in mind.

  1. Dell Precision

Dell Precision is a compact workstation designed to offer extended performance, efficiency and a quieter system even under a heavy workload. It is an ultra-fast workstation that would increase your employees’ productivity. Best of all, the workstation is highly configurable to customize according to your needs.

Selecting the PCs and workstation would help to work in an office without any compromise on performance, security, flexibility, and productivity.

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How to create a perfect tech solution with Dell Desktops?

Thriving in the competitive market of today is not possible without the use of reliable technology. A tailored technology solution brings a peace mind to owners as it will perform the way you need and want at the workplace. As operational challenges increases, technology should offer a perfect solution to your business.

Dell i5 Desktop
Dell i5 desktop

Why choose Dell products for your business?

Dell needs no introduction to the technology world. With many years of experience in developing computers for small businesses to large enterprises, Dell is the perfect place to find your tech product for any solution. Explore the various models of PCs such as desktop, laptops, convertibles, and workstations to consider for your business.

Despite the emergence of laptops, Dell desktops still have some market share. Here we will discuss why Dell desktops are still an ideal choice for businesses –

Dell i3 desktop

Most of the small businesses face budget constraints in purchasing tech products. Desktops are relatively cheap but sturdy to carry out business operations.

The Dell i3 desktop is an ideal choice for a business with a small project. Though the desktop is an i3 processor, yet it gives better performance and speed than a conventional device. Best of all, most of the desktops with this specification are less costly. Dell Vostro is a popular name in this category.

Dell i5 desktop

The Dell i5 desktop offers better management, security and flexibility in working on a large project. Include the desktops in your tech purchase list to bring dynamism and reliability to your operations as your business evolves. It makes your project management easy for quick delivery and satisfaction of clients.

With this specification, Dell Inspiron comes with compact design and features necessary for an excellent work solution. It empowers your business to lead to the path of growth.

Dell OptiPlex

For business class-security and performance, Dell OptiPlex desktops are the best choices for large enterprises. Though the desktops come with a hefty price, yet they can significantly boost productivity and efficiency of a workplace.

Smart offices demand mobility and feature-rich computers to enhance productivity. It is where you can utilize Dell Precision workstation for your business operation. The mobile workstation will add more vigour, reliability and speed of managing projects regardless of their sizes.

In short, Dell desktops of various models and specifications are available for a business to create a tech solution. Use them wisely to create a solution based on your computing needs.

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Significance of a modern IT solution for your business

Technology may help a business owner gets the best value with effective and smart works. Modern technology products add a greater impetus, work efficiency and versatility in resolving operational woes. In some cases, acquiring the latest tech products like Dell precision bring natural progression in operations for a business. It’s important to say an IT solution can empower your business to grow and achieve greater heights.

Aim for a smart IT solution for benefits

Acquiring new tech solution requires capital investment and may hamper works in the transition process. However, you must go-ahead for the purchase considering the long-term benefits involved in the process. Here are some of the top benefits of a smart tech solution –

  • Enhance productivity, accountability, and workflow in a firm.
  • Streamline projects with the automation of complicated tasks.
  • An excellent project management tool to stay ahead of daily tasks.
  • Offer better customer service to clients.
  • Deliver reliable communication facilities with prospects and clients.
  • Bring scalability, agility, and durability of IT infrastructure.
  • Increase the effectiveness and ROI of a business.

Can Dell i5 desktop and laptops help in your operations?

Dell is one of the most reliable OEMs in the technology world. The brand offers many customer-centric PCs, laptops, and workstations in different price and CPU ranges. Costs of computers increase according to specifications such as hardware, processor, portability, and other features.

For instance, a Dell i3 desktop will cost less as it comes with a low configuration of hardware and software. Despite its low-end settings, the PC can offer consistent performance in light work. Having said that the device is not suitable CPU crunching works and operations.

For smooth operations in a large project, advanced tech products are essential. High-end processors to ensure speed and durability in work are crucial. A Dell i5 desktop may be an ideal choice to get a seamless operation. Though the investment may seem a bit more, yet advanced computers bring more profits to a business in the long run.

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Best business class desktops from Dell for a tech solution

The success of a business depends a lot on the technological solution used in the workplace. Advanced tech equipment brings up work efficiency, productivity, and smart solution to operational woes. Using best or business class devices create an edge over competitors in the market.

Any organization can either use laptops or desktops to build the IT infrastructure. But, PCs are the first choice for fixed employees of any business. Modern PCs are even more powerful than laptops and come at a lower price.

Why choose Dell desktop for building IT solution?

Dell is one of the most popular OEMs offering a range of personal and business class PCs and laptops in the market. Dell PCs are known for their robust features, durability and stable performance in performing business operations. Devices are being used successfully by small businesses to large enterprises around the globe.

Find device based on your computing needs.

Buying devices aligning with your computing needs is the first step towards a successful IT solution. Fortunately, they have an entry-level system like Dell i3 desktop to the latest Dell OptiPlex for complex operations to build a strong and secure IT infrastructure. When you have a stable IT solution, superior customer services and business outcomes come in the processes.

Empower business operations with modern devices

Business operations suffer using old devices with incompatible software. Every business aiming to increase productivity needs a stable tech solution. Dell PCs equipped with modern hardware and processors may help speed up the workflow.

Dell i5 desktop reduce operational woes and processing time due to its powerful processor. Dell Optiplex, Vostro, and Inspiron desktops are excellent choices for any business to enhance performance.

Resolve complex operations with workstation

As the scale and complexity of the project increases, the mainstream PCs fail to deliver performance as needed. It is where you need workstations which are equipped with latest features and hardware for stable performance. Dell precision offers ultimate work experience in running complex operations with exceptional security. Though the workstations are expensive, yet they will return more profits in the long run.

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How to make a successful IT plan and tech acquisition?

Every business needs an Information Technology plan. The IT plan must be formulated aligning with your vision and objective of a company. To be precise, it will be a roadmap for a business to implement crucial strategies necessary to achieve the firm’s objectives success in the end.

How to decide an IT plan for your business?

Technology plays a crucial role in the success of a firm these days. Before going out to plan your new IT plan, you must do a SWOT analysis of your company. It will help you to find out the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat of your firm. If outdated computer systems are a hindrance in your business growth and success, it is the right time to focus on new tech acquisition.

Search for a perfect tech solution

The new tech solution must enhance business value, deliver a competitive edge, and a smart solution to your current operational woes. Aiming for a complete work solution, you must decide to purchase the best laptop under 50,000 or 60,000 for your firm to ensure smooth and efficient works. 

Make a priority list of purchase

Analyze the computing needs of your organization. If you have an urgent expansion plan to handle new projects, it is better to purchase essential systems first than to go for a complete change of IT infrastructure. A complete overhaul of IT equipment is not necessary unless your work efficiency and productivity are suffering.

Make a priority list of IT purchase necessary to accommodate new business priorities and drive growth and revenue. For instance, you can buy a touchscreen laptop if a keyboard device is not offering optimum performance at the workplace.  

Build your IT infrastructure with the future in sight

Technology is constantly evolving. The existing tech equipment and the system gets outdated within years. It is essential to procure and build an IT infrastructure for tomorrow. The modern tech solution will support innovation and compete with others.

Many OEMs are offering reliable PCs and laptops to companies necessary to carry out their work operations perfectly. You can find opt PCs and notebooks with recent processors, configuration, and features essential for your activities. But, it is vital to aim for a solution which would useful beyond today.

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Should you buy Dell desktops for your business operations?

When you go out shopping for tech equipment, you need to decide whether to buy desktops or laptops for your employees. Both PCs and notebooks have pros and cons to users. PCs are cheap and easily repairable while notebooks offer excellent portability and mobility to your workers. In the end, it is a personal choice and depends on your business needs. A perfect IT solution is what you should aim for in a tech purchase.

Should you buy Dell PCs for your employees?

Dell is one of the most popular OEMs in the world with various models for business and personal use. The company has the entry-level system like Dell i3 desktop to the powerful and selling Dell XPS and Dell OptiPlex to its name. It means the company has devices needed for a reliable and powerful tech solution for your business operations.

What are the top benefits of desktops over small devices?

PCs are best for fixed employees working on projects at the office. Find out some of the benefits of buying desktops –


Are you struggling with the tech budget? Buy desktops instead of laptops to save money on the equipment purchase. A sum of Rs 28,000 is enough to buy a pretty robust system with decent features and processor. At this budget, you can buy a Dell i5 desktop which is enough to perform medium to heavy works at the office.


Desktops have more space making their processors larger than a laptop. It means you may get a powerful processor which is enough to perform more task efficiently. Moreover, modern PCs are fitted with advanced processors.

Ease of assembly    

All components of a desktop can be procured separately and assembled quickly. The assembled PCs are useful to insert the right specifications and features needed in your work. The PCs allow adding essential and specific parts to increase work efficiency.


Desktops come with a full-size keyboard including a number pad. It makes the work typing smooth and hassle-free unlike the laptops with a smaller keyboard. So, PCs may help increase the efficiency and productivity of professionals involved in typing projects.


The ease of upgrading components of desktops is another reason to choose them. Most of the elements are removable and easy to update with spare parts available at cheaper rates in the market. Whereas, laptop parts are expensive, and memory and hard drive are only components available for upgrade. Worst of all, the upgraded components are not often compatible with existing hardware in a laptop.


Desktops are easy to repair as most of the hardware is found in the local store. Moreover, components are larger unlike the laptops with expensive nano parts. You don’t need to spend much on computers maintenance and repairing.

Presence of powerful workstation

Workstations are found in single tower and rack form from different OEMs. They are useful to perform complex operations and run heavy software at ease with consistent performance. Dell Precision is an ideal choice with high customizability and reliability for large business operations.

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