HP Zbook – The World-Class Mobile Workstation for Speed and Efficiency

Today’s workers are becoming increasingly mobile in the globalized world. Mobile workers need a robust and on-the-go workstation to enjoy work at different locations without any hindrance.

The ultrabook and notebook are an ideal choice for any professional as they are lightweight. But, these devices often fail to meet the computing needs essential in performing complex business operations. This problem got resolved with the coming of the mobile workstation in the market.

The creative professionals and creators are turning to HP Zbook series to fulfil their computing needs while getting work efficiency and productivity on the move. This is one of the fantastic options for users to stay ahead of the game.

Let us see why HP Zbook may be an excellent option for your business operations –

Better display and resolution

The HP Zbook series comes with a bright, bolder and better display. It can offer an excellent experience while editing a photo or editing video with a 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) display.

The HP Zbook studio can run Adobe Premiere Pro, Revit, Navisworks, Enscape, and Creo without a glitch. It is possible due to the use of graphics card NVIDIA Quadro P2000 in the device.

Sleek in design

Despite the heavy fitting in the workstation than a basic notebook, yet it weighs only 2 kg to be easily carried in a bag to the office, in flight, or anywhere where the work takes you. Moreover, the smooth aluminium interior encased in a magnesium shell to be a breathtaking machine.


If you are working on a top secret project, it is essential to have protection to avoid being compromised by others. The workstation will take care of your privacy and security of files, videos and other relevant documents.

Maximum productivity with pro tools

Creative professionals need pro tools to enhance productivity at the office. Fortunately, it supports and runs all pro tools for graphic design, animation, architecture, and illustration work perfectly. At the same time, you can work on Windows 10 pro in this device.

Models available for users – HP Zbook Studio G3 and G5 version with Intel Core i5, i7, and i9 processors. Thus, they can carry out heavy applications and projects.

Lower alternatives to the Zbook for professionals

Professionals looking for cheaper and lighter options to Zbook can choose HP Elitebook, HP Pavilion and HP Envy. It comes with i5 and i7 processors with regular features and hardware to work on different projects. The i5 laptop price will be lower than the i7 but would deliver all-around performance at work.

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How to procure advanced business laptops for your company?

Conventional PCs are suitable for general purposes like internet browsing, watching videos and official light works. When it comes to performing work on a large project, dedicated business computers are essential to get durability and performance.

Importance of business laptops in operations

i5 laptop price

Business laptops have different features and processors necessary a consistent performance at work. The devices are designed to deliver a premium experience in working at small to large projects. Select a notebook or laptop with reliable features necessary for business operations.

Modern touch screen laptops have rich features, hardware, software and so on to create a seamless work solution for any company. It assists in improving work efficiency, productivity and ability to compete in the market.  

How to choose a business laptop?

A reliable business laptop needs the latest features to fulfill the computing needs of a company. Handling of large projects with heavy applications requires mainstream laptops with i5 or i7 processors and hardware. An i5 laptop price is less than a device with i7 processor, but still, the CPU offers enough power to run heavy applications.

Here are some of the top features to look in a business laptop before buying –

  • Cost
  • Portability of the device.
  • Display size and resolution.
  • Keyboard design – standard or touch screen.
  • Numbers of ports and peripherals.
  • Security
  • Operating System – preferably Windows.
  • Availability of technical support to fix issues.

Most of the business laptops come with these features. Analyze the features while going out to purchase new tech products for your business.

Best laptop under 50,000 for companies

Whenever you go out for shopping for tech products, you must aim for the best. Right devices help to increase productivity and effectiveness in performing tasks. OEMs build customer-centric models understanding the need and expectation of customers in different industries.

In some cases, the need for customization arises if the available configuration is not meeting your computer needs. Even selecting the best laptop under 50,000 will be a wise idea if you need a mainstream PC for the work. Some of the popular laptops in this range are Lenovo Yoga, Dell Latitude, Dell Inspiron, Acer Aspire, and Lenovo ThinkPad to consider for your business.

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5 steps to procuring the right tech equipment for your small business

A modern technological solution is essential for every business success. It speeds up work efficiency, productivity, and innovation in a firm, reducing operational woes. Whether you own a small or big enterprise, a modern work solution will drive value and growth to your business.

Acquiring the right tech equipment is a challenge for every company. Apart from the financial investment, you need to think and evaluate before coming to a conclusion which computers to buy based on your computing needs. You need to decide whether you need a HP Zbook or Dell Latitude laptop for your business operations.

However, your IT acquisition will be less daunting if you follow these five steps when you go out shopping for devices. Let see the steps –

Make an IT Plan

Every business sets objective and goal to achieve shortly. If you are willing to meet your business goal, you must work hard towards that aim. Most of the companies aim to increase operations, deliver better customer service, support, generate revenues, and so on.

But, the first strategy needed to realize those goals is to have a full-proof IT plan. The IT plan must align with your business goal and vision to assist in the process. As an entrepreneur, you can achieve these goals when there is a reliable tech solution in your company.

Analyze your computing needs

Computing need of a company varies based on the operations and niche industry. Analyze your business operations and the level of devices needed to run smoothly. For an entry-level job, you can use the best laptop under 30,000, and robust workstation for a broad application. In the end, purchasing a device suitable for specific work matters most.

Set a tech budget

After analyzing your computing needs, you can set an estimated budget for each device to spend on buying. You can decide on the features, configuration, and software needed in your device for reliable performance. Remember the price of your device will increase with the picking of advanced features and applications. For instance, the i3 laptop price is lower than a laptop with i5 processor.

Going out for shopping without a decision on the budget may lead to overspending. Further, it will be easy to pick the device as ascertaining the needed features.

Search and evaluate computers

Almost every OEMs is offering a range of laptop and PC options at different prices. You must explore and evaluate the computers based on your operational goal. It may seem daunting, but the result will be fabulous after finding your desired tech equipment.

You can evaluate computers based on these points –

  • Processors – i3, i5, or i7
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Operating system – Chrome OS, Windows OS, or Mac Os.
  • Battery power
  • Graphics cards
  • Number of ports
  • Compatibility of software applications.
  • Resolution.
  • And other features.

Consult with a vendor for tech procurement

After deciding on the brand and devices, you can contact a reliable vendor for purchase. As you are buying in bulk, you can negotiate and ask for a competitive price from the vendor. But, make sure that the vendor is offering the same computers with configuration as requested with after sale management.

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