Why are Dell OptiPlex Desktops Ideal Choice for Offices?

Many tech experts had predicted the demise of desktops after the emergence of laptops in the market. While their foretell proved right to some extent with a decreased sale, but desktops are still going strong with a significant market share.

Dell is one of the top three top PC manufacturers with a significant sale in the PC market.  Dell Inspiron and Dell OptiPlex are ideal choices for small businesses to large enterprises to use in offices. Desktops are powerful than ever with the ability to increase performance, secure, and reliable. Using these computers, managing business operations would be smooth fulfilling your computing needs.

Popular desktops from Dell OptiPlex series

  1. Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro

OptiPlex 3050 is a Dell i3 desktop with a 7th generation processor making it a powerful machine to work on small projects. The specifications are flexible with a sleek design with 4 GB RAM, HD graphics, and 500 GB HDD. Above all, you can customize the configuration based on your computing while buying, at an attractive price. As it has a sleek design, installing the PC won’t make your office cluttered.

  1. Dell Optiplex 3030

OptiPlex 3030 is a Dell i5 desktop with an immersive dual-screen functionality. Though it is the fastest desktops, yet it is powerful enough to perform mainstream projects with Dell management tool.

When it comes to specifications, the desktop comes with 4 GB RAM, HDD 500 GB, and HD graphics 4600. The features available with this PC are designed to deliver impressive performance and reliability in business operations.

Beside the above low-budget desktops, you can select the luxury ones of this series to get premium security and hardware. The OptiPlex 5000, 7000, and XE series are thoughtfully designed keeping the computing needs of businesses in mind.

  1. Dell Precision

Dell Precision is a compact workstation designed to offer extended performance, efficiency and a quieter system even under a heavy workload. It is an ultra-fast workstation that would increase your employees’ productivity. Best of all, the workstation is highly configurable to customize according to your needs.

Selecting the PCs and workstation would help to work in an office without any compromise on performance, security, flexibility, and productivity.

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Most popular Lenovo computers for business operations in 2019

Technology plays a crucial role in the success of a company. New tech solution empowers a firm to beat competitors while producing better products and services for customers. At the same time, business laptops built for specific purposes increase productivity and efficiency in project delivery. That is why it is the right time to upgrade or refresh your ailing tech products with modern ones.

Why choose Lenovo computers for your business operations?

Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers of business computers essential to create a workable solution. The products are known for their reliability, speed, design and sturdiness among the users worldwide.

Besides designing for a specific purpose, every computer undergoes rigorous stress tests before coming into the market. Lenovo ThinkCentre is one of the most popular PCs useful to carry out complex operations smoothly.

Here is a list of business laptops from Lenovo to consider for your company –

Lenovo IdeaPad

When you need a budget laptop blended with feature and performance, you can choose the Lenovo IdeaPad for your employees. Though the device has an i3 processor with 4GB RAM, yet it is enough to work on a small project where hardware and speed requirement is less. But, it is one of the best choices for a company in a low budget.

Lenovo ThinkPad

ThinkPad is the most popular series of business laptops from Lenovo. The Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 is considered one of the most reliable and secure business laptops from the brand. It is the only laptop which was used in International Space Station at zero gravity.

Here is a list of top features of this laptop –

  • Excellent portability weighing only 2.49 pounds.
  • Long battery life enduring over 11 hours.
  • Great keyboard with a soft touch for typing.
  • Many mix ports for connectivity.
  • Sharp and colourful screen.
  • Quad cores, SSD and 16 GB RAM which offer excellent performance.

Though the Lenovo ThinkPad Price is a bit high, yet it is the machine needed to make your business operation faster and efficient. That is why tech experts consider this laptop as one of the best systems in overall performance.

Apart from the ThinkPad, I would love to recommend Lenovo Yoga, Miix, and Legion series for business operations, but they are better in their purposes.

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A short guide to buying HP laptops for a company

As an entrepreneur, buying new tech products is never an easy process. It takes a lot of time in understanding technical details and computing needs for your business. Whatever your choice may be, new computers should add value and contribute to business operations.

A guide to buying HP business laptops for a company

HP is one of the most popular OEMs in the technology world. The brand has different categories of laptops, such as for students, home use, office, and premium models. You must decide to buy laptops after assessing your requirement.

HP i3 laptop for home and personal use

The HP i3 laptop is an entry-level system useful to perform daily activities. The device is suitable for personal use like internet surfing, entertainment, and studies for students. It is also appropriate to use to work from home on small projects and MS Words, where hardware and CPU power is minimum.

The lower-end HP Pavilion is one of the most popular choices with an i3 process. The device is thin yet powerful with a long-lasting battery to stay connected with the outer world. It is one of the choicest machines for employees and students for varied usages.

HP EliteBook for Office Use

HP has a lot to offer when it comes to selecting laptops for working needs. Based on the computing needs, you can find reliable devices for business applications, multimedia product, project management and employees. The computers are thin and lightweight enabling users to travel conveniently without compromising on the power and security.

HP Elitebook is one of the most popular notebooks for office and business uses. It comes with a sophisticated design and top-notch technology for a powerful performance and premium user experience.

The device is made of refined material with lightness and portability in mind for a mobile worker. It is one of the most secure and manageable laptops with end-to-end security features to prevent hackers from stealing crucial information.

HP workstation for business-class security and performance

HP workstations are made to handle the most demanding workloads in the workplace. The workstations come with powerful processors, 3D graphics, more memory and storage capacity. The powerful machines are designed for creators to run complex applications working on a design, special effects, and other complicated software.

HP Zbook is built to offer exceptional performance, speed and reliability in business operations.  It may be a significant addition to your company to make a futuristic tech solution.

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Reignite your business operations with Dell products

A company can achieve success after doing all the essential things well. Among the right things, the use of advanced technology products come first. Technology is shaping the world how a business operates.

Right from managing projects, management to taking business decisions, entrepreneurs are taking help of critical technologies nowadays. And, Dell is one of the prominent OEMs in the tech world, offering complete work solutions to small businesses and enterprises.

Buy Dell computers aligning with your IT plan

Every business makes an IT plan aligning with the business goal and vision. And, procure tech equipment based on the computing needs to make the right tech solution. It results in high productivity, work efficiency, and smooth operations for a business.

Although you can purchase PCs and laptops for business operation, yet laptops have gained high popularity due to their mobility. Here is the list of Dell laptops to consider buying for your company –

Dell i3 laptop

A Dell i3 laptop is suitable for working on a small project with low hardware, speed, and CPU power requirement. As it is an i3 processor, the computer will be fast enough to perform daily activities such as internet surfing, working on MS word, and light office works. Dell Vostro series come in this category with a right blend of features and performance.

Dell i5 laptop

For all round and mainstream project, the Dell i5 laptop may be the right choice. The laptops are powerful enough to carry out mid-projects seamlessly. It is due to the presence of an i5 processor with supporting hardware in the device.

Dell Inspiron is a popular choice in between a low budget laptop and luxury Dell XPS lineup. This Dell i5 laptop price is higher than lower-end devices. But, this convertible laptop is a reliable machine with the capability of increasing your productivity and work efficiency at a workplace.

Dell Latitude laptop

A Dell Latitude laptop may be the right tool to bring for your business operations. The laptop brings agility, scalability and performance to the table. Though the processor of Dell latitude laptop is not as high as Dell XPS, yet it gives a better system and graphics card performance in various tests by experts. The computer comes with business-class security to keep your crucial data safe.

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Popular HP Laptops with i3, i5 and i7 Processors for a Business

HP is one of the most popular OEMs in the tech world. The brand is offering a variety of laptops suitable for different uses – general use, office, and gaming. You will find customer-centric models designed to meet specific goals and projects.

Not able to decide which HP laptops to buy is not a new problem for business owners. As the business operation success largely depends on tech solution, acquiring the right tech equipment becomes more critical for them.

Let us look at the popular HP laptops available with i3, i5 and i7 processors to consider buying for your employees –

HP i3 laptop

The HP i3 laptop is designed to handle day to day activities or entry-level official works. The computer gives the best value to your money containing a balance of features and hardware for a steady performance in small projects. The HP Pavilion X360 convertible laptop comes with an Intel i3 processor may be an ideal choice for your business operation.

Processors above 4th generation come with hyper-threading technology, which gives speed and performance at the workplace. That is why the laptop is suitable for making a presentation, multitasking, internet surfing, working on MS words, and moderate gaming.

Intel Core i3 processor laptops are the most affordable and value for money laptops which are best for performing day to day tasks like internet surfing, editing word documents, making presentations, watching movies, multitasking and even moderate gaming. Though, it is not suitable to perform works where CPU crunching power is needed.

HP i5 laptop

The HP i5 laptop is powerful and fast enough to perform mainstream work at the workplace. In this series, you will find laptops with dual and quad-core processors. The low-end i5 laptops come with the dual-core while powerful machines come with quad cores increasing the reliability, speed and performance at work.

As the processor generation goes up, the HP i5 laptop price increases for the buyers. The HP Envy 13 Ultrabook i5 8th processor is an excellent example in this category as it is expensive than lower-end devices.

HP i7 laptop

If you need a more robust and reliable device, the HP i7 laptop may be the right choice for you. The powerful i7 processor would be suitable to perform complex business operations and run applications.

HP ProBook, HP Elitebook 1040 G4, and other laptops are available in this category. These are ultimate business notebooks suited for exceptional performance and premium quality experience.

Final note

HP has a ton of business laptops with different processors and hardware features suitable for works. Consider buying laptops for your business operations based on computing needs.

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How to create a perfect tech solution with Dell Desktops?

Thriving in the competitive market of today is not possible without the use of reliable technology. A tailored technology solution brings a peace mind to owners as it will perform the way you need and want at the workplace. As operational challenges increases, technology should offer a perfect solution to your business.

Dell i5 Desktop
Dell i5 desktop

Why choose Dell products for your business?

Dell needs no introduction to the technology world. With many years of experience in developing computers for small businesses to large enterprises, Dell is the perfect place to find your tech product for any solution. Explore the various models of PCs such as desktop, laptops, convertibles, and workstations to consider for your business.

Despite the emergence of laptops, Dell desktops still have some market share. Here we will discuss why Dell desktops are still an ideal choice for businesses –

Dell i3 desktop

Most of the small businesses face budget constraints in purchasing tech products. Desktops are relatively cheap but sturdy to carry out business operations.

The Dell i3 desktop is an ideal choice for a business with a small project. Though the desktop is an i3 processor, yet it gives better performance and speed than a conventional device. Best of all, most of the desktops with this specification are less costly. Dell Vostro is a popular name in this category.

Dell i5 desktop

The Dell i5 desktop offers better management, security and flexibility in working on a large project. Include the desktops in your tech purchase list to bring dynamism and reliability to your operations as your business evolves. It makes your project management easy for quick delivery and satisfaction of clients.

With this specification, Dell Inspiron comes with compact design and features necessary for an excellent work solution. It empowers your business to lead to the path of growth.

Dell OptiPlex

For business class-security and performance, Dell OptiPlex desktops are the best choices for large enterprises. Though the desktops come with a hefty price, yet they can significantly boost productivity and efficiency of a workplace.

Smart offices demand mobility and feature-rich computers to enhance productivity. It is where you can utilize Dell Precision workstation for your business operation. The mobile workstation will add more vigour, reliability and speed of managing projects regardless of their sizes.

In short, Dell desktops of various models and specifications are available for a business to create a tech solution. Use them wisely to create a solution based on your computing needs.

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Improve your business solutions with Lenovo products

Next time when you go out for shopping tech equipment, consider the Lenovo products. The company is the largest seller of PCs for commercial, consumers and enterprise level products. It can also be a perfect work solution to any business for growth and success regardless of the sizes and niche industry.

Why technology matters for your business operation?

As a business owner, you might have set many business goals and vision to achieve over a while. There is no alternative solution for a company than procuring advanced tech products to realize those goals. Make an IT plan and purchase computers to support your ambition.

Lenovo is one of the leading pioneers of technology products in the world. You can find entry-level computers to the latest workstation like Lenovo ThinkCentre for business operations. But, your aim should acquire tech assets based on your computing needs.

Here are some Lenovo business laptops to consider buying for your employees –

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S

Lenovo IdeaPad is one of the affordable laptops available in the market. Perfect for low-end works and personal usages like internet browsing, gaming, and music, IdeaPad has an ideal blend of features and performance for a budget device. You can’t ask for a better laptop to perform low-end projects in an office.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Considered one of the best business laptops, Lenovo ThinkPad comes with excellent security and hardware to ensure high performance in business operation. It is the only laptop that has been used in International Space Station at zero gravity.

The laptop is light and compact with improved display and trackpad for premium user experience. That is why Lenovo ThinkPad price is a bit high but can be a crucial asset to your organization.

Lenovo Yoga 720

If any of your projects require a convertible laptop, Lenovo Yoga can be a perfect choice. The 2-in-1 device can be transformed into a tablet whenever needed with a 360-degree rotation feature. It possesses powerful features and hardware to ensure smooth functioning at the workplace. The touch screen laptop is compatible to run with numerous styli.

Apart from that, you can choose Lenovo Miix for the best notebook experience and portability for long distant travel for executives.

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What do you need to look before buying a business laptop from HP?

HP is undoubtedly a major OEM of PCs for general purposes and business operations. You will find a lot of models with varied specifications of hardware, software and functionalities. As you need business laptops for your employees, you can narrow down the list to business laptops for purchase.

But, how to choose the best laptop remains a daunting task for most of the owners. Making a purchasing decision becomes easy when you follow specific rules and steps.

How to choose ideal business computers?

Figure out which office tasks do you want to perform with the new computers. Is it for handling a large project, multitasking or for a small business operation? For the heavy tasks, the HP workstation is an ideal choice to run applications and management of projects.

Choose your HP laptops based on your computing needs so that it can add value to your business.

What are the features to look in a business laptop?

  1. Performance

Performance is a critical requirement in a business laptop. Fortunately, HP business laptops come with i3, i5, and i7 processors, RAM, SSD, and hardware to ensure speed and performance while working in any project.

But, you must make your purchasing decision after analyzing your business needs. You can choose an HP i3 laptop if the project size is small and doesn’t need heavy CPU. Similarly, you can buy HP i7 laptops having latest features to work in large projects.

Random tech equipment purchase is not a wise decision.

  1. Portability

One of the key features to look is the mobility of the laptop. Thin and lightweight business laptops are easy to carry to distant places without facing any problem. Business trips become excellent with the addition of a sleek but powerful notebook.

HP Elitebook is one of the most popular business laptops in this category. It comes with business-class security, features and customizability to fit in any project.

  1. Battery Life

Working outdoor is on trend these days for most of the smart workplaces. Employees love to work in the lawn area or from home without a constant power supply. So, it is essential to look at the battery life of computers before purchasing for your employees. Select the devices with at least 7 to 8 hours of battery life.

  1. Connections

Connectivity is a crucial thing to look for a portable computing system. You must look for a wireless connection such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other ports. A business laptop with numerous connectivity options helps anyone to perform their works nicely.

  1. Look and Style

Make sure to look at the laptop design and built before taking your decision. If you don’t love a conventional business laptop, you can consider HP notebooks with an alluring look and style. But, ensure that the new tech product fit in your business environment and IT infrastructure to reap benefits.

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Popular Dell laptops for business operations in 2019

Dell needs no introduction to the technology world. Being one of the most popular OEMs, Dell has popular PC models with various configurations and price ranges. Their computers are suitable for general tasks to business operations and used globally in multiple niches. Consider their PCs if you are trying to build a reliable and smart work solution.

Why choose Dell products for your business?

Dell invests a lot of money in research and development of customer-centric PCs. One can buy an entry-level system to a high-end workstation to create a business solution depending on the requirement. Their devices have popularity due to reliability, speed, and performance in carrying out project operation.

Here are the popular laptops for small business to large enterprises from Dell

Dell i3 laptop for small projects

Dell Inspiron is one of the best budget-friendly laptops from this brand. It offers an excellent display and battery life to users. Small businesses can use this Dell i3 laptop to carry out projects where hardware and CPU power requirement is minimum. You can even consider a Dell Vostro laptop at this range and configuration.

Dell i5 laptop for mid-level business operations

Computing needs increase for a business with coming of large projects. Use Dell XPS 13, considered one of the best laptops for business operations, to tackle the increasing workloads. It comes in i3, i5 and i7 processors with latest features and hardware.

Use the i5 device to get higher speed, durability and performance in business operations. Though this Dell i5 laptop price is a bit high, yet they offer excellent ROI in the long run.

Dell Latitude Laptop for Large Projects

Running of complex applications need excellent processors capability and hardware in a laptop. The Dell Latitude laptop comes with business-class security and functions to deliver a unique user experience. Available in three series, Latitude laptops are a workhorse made for productivity and premium user experience.

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How to create an HP powered tech solution for your business?

There is no alternative for a business than creating a smart tech solution to succeed in today’s market. Empower your business and operations with the right set of tech products to outdo competitors and reach in the niche industry.

Why consider HP products for your business?

When you go out shopping for a tech product, you will find a lot of options from various OEMs. HP is one of the most popular brands in the tech world with a lot of customer-centric PCs, business laptops, and workstations to its name. Devices like HP Probook are reliable and known for their effectiveness in various projects. Consider HP devices to create a suitable and smart work solution for your business.

How to create a smart tech solution for your business?

Every company should aim for a smart tech solution aligning with business need and operations. Acquiring new tech equipment will be instrumental in improving productivity at the workplace, but it is not wise to splurge money on an unnecessary purchase.

Steps to procure the right solution

Assess your business operation and computing needs

Every company faces specific operational issues in daily activities. New tech acquisition must resolve the problems and help in performing works effectively. Avoid purchasing tech equipment which may not contribute to your business operation and growth.

In a small project, an HP i3 laptop will work best where hardware and CPU power requirement is minimum. Besides getting a consistent performance, the company can save a lot of tech budget on purchasing these devices for entry-level projects.

Set the tech budget after features evaluation

After assessing your computing needs, you may have an idea about the hardware and features based on functionalities requirement. Decide the RAM, processor, HDD, OS, and graphics needed to perform your works to make the right purchase.

With the selection of top hardware, the price also gets increased for the devices. For instance, the HP i5 laptop price is higher than an i3 laptop of the same or other brands. Select the device only after an assessment of your need to avoid wasting money.

Create a smarter workplace with latest PCs

Though the price of the latest HP computers is high, yet they help build a smarter workplace. The latest HP computers like workstation, Elitebook, Pavilion, and Spectre helps in creating an innovative tech solution.

These are business-class laptops with exceptional security, durability, and performance on using. Though the initial investment is high, yet they are profitable in the long run for a business.

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