HP Zbook – The World-Class Mobile Workstation for Speed and Efficiency

Today’s workers are becoming increasingly mobile in the globalized world. Mobile workers need a robust and on-the-go workstation to enjoy work at different locations without any hindrance.

The ultrabook and notebook are an ideal choice for any professional as they are lightweight. But, these devices often fail to meet the computing needs essential in performing complex business operations. This problem got resolved with the coming of the mobile workstation in the market.

The creative professionals and creators are turning to HP Zbook series to fulfil their computing needs while getting work efficiency and productivity on the move. This is one of the fantastic options for users to stay ahead of the game.

Let us see why HP Zbook may be an excellent option for your business operations –

Better display and resolution

The HP Zbook series comes with a bright, bolder and better display. It can offer an excellent experience while editing a photo or editing video with a 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) display.

The HP Zbook studio can run Adobe Premiere Pro, Revit, Navisworks, Enscape, and Creo without a glitch. It is possible due to the use of graphics card NVIDIA Quadro P2000 in the device.

Sleek in design

Despite the heavy fitting in the workstation than a basic notebook, yet it weighs only 2 kg to be easily carried in a bag to the office, in flight, or anywhere where the work takes you. Moreover, the smooth aluminium interior encased in a magnesium shell to be a breathtaking machine.


If you are working on a top secret project, it is essential to have protection to avoid being compromised by others. The workstation will take care of your privacy and security of files, videos and other relevant documents.

Maximum productivity with pro tools

Creative professionals need pro tools to enhance productivity at the office. Fortunately, it supports and runs all pro tools for graphic design, animation, architecture, and illustration work perfectly. At the same time, you can work on Windows 10 pro in this device.

Models available for users – HP Zbook Studio G3 and G5 version with Intel Core i5, i7, and i9 processors. Thus, they can carry out heavy applications and projects.

Lower alternatives to the Zbook for professionals

Professionals looking for cheaper and lighter options to Zbook can choose HP Elitebook, HP Pavilion and HP Envy. It comes with i5 and i7 processors with regular features and hardware to work on different projects. The i5 laptop price will be lower than the i7 but would deliver all-around performance at work.

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5 steps to procuring the right tech equipment for your small business

A modern technological solution is essential for every business success. It speeds up work efficiency, productivity, and innovation in a firm, reducing operational woes. Whether you own a small or big enterprise, a modern work solution will drive value and growth to your business.

Acquiring the right tech equipment is a challenge for every company. Apart from the financial investment, you need to think and evaluate before coming to a conclusion which computers to buy based on your computing needs. You need to decide whether you need a HP Zbook or Dell Latitude laptop for your business operations.

However, your IT acquisition will be less daunting if you follow these five steps when you go out shopping for devices. Let see the steps –

Make an IT Plan

Every business sets objective and goal to achieve shortly. If you are willing to meet your business goal, you must work hard towards that aim. Most of the companies aim to increase operations, deliver better customer service, support, generate revenues, and so on.

But, the first strategy needed to realize those goals is to have a full-proof IT plan. The IT plan must align with your business goal and vision to assist in the process. As an entrepreneur, you can achieve these goals when there is a reliable tech solution in your company.

Analyze your computing needs

Computing need of a company varies based on the operations and niche industry. Analyze your business operations and the level of devices needed to run smoothly. For an entry-level job, you can use the best laptop under 30,000, and robust workstation for a broad application. In the end, purchasing a device suitable for specific work matters most.

Set a tech budget

After analyzing your computing needs, you can set an estimated budget for each device to spend on buying. You can decide on the features, configuration, and software needed in your device for reliable performance. Remember the price of your device will increase with the picking of advanced features and applications. For instance, the i3 laptop price is lower than a laptop with i5 processor.

Going out for shopping without a decision on the budget may lead to overspending. Further, it will be easy to pick the device as ascertaining the needed features.

Search and evaluate computers

Almost every OEMs is offering a range of laptop and PC options at different prices. You must explore and evaluate the computers based on your operational goal. It may seem daunting, but the result will be fabulous after finding your desired tech equipment.

You can evaluate computers based on these points –

  • Processors – i3, i5, or i7
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Operating system – Chrome OS, Windows OS, or Mac Os.
  • Battery power
  • Graphics cards
  • Number of ports
  • Compatibility of software applications.
  • Resolution.
  • And other features.

Consult with a vendor for tech procurement

After deciding on the brand and devices, you can contact a reliable vendor for purchase. As you are buying in bulk, you can negotiate and ask for a competitive price from the vendor. But, make sure that the vendor is offering the same computers with configuration as requested with after sale management.

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Top challenges for a small business in buying tech products

As a new player, small businesses face numerous challenges which you can overcome with strategic planning and decision. Some of the common issues are marketing of its services, tech equipment acquisition, financial constraint, and hiring reliable employees among others.

Success depends a lot on the nature of the technological solution that a business uses in its operation. No company can thrive for long in the competitive market without using quality tech equipment. It is imperative for a small business to large enterprises to own state-of-art IT infrastructure to solve operational woes and succeed in the niche industry. However, financial constraint prevents small business from acquiring a modern tech solution

Let us see how to overcome challenges in buying tech products for your business –

Make an IT plan and analyze your needs

Shopping for the right tech product is one of the daunting experiences that an entrepreneur faces after starting the firm. The process is often tiresome that need evaluation and comparison of various computers with your needs and operation. Worst is when you go out tech products shopping without a proper plan in place.

HP Zbook

Having an IT plan is the first step towards a hassle-free tech acquisition. Analyze your operation and purchase products aligning with your business goal. After that, you can decide whether you need an advanced computer like HP Zbook or an entry-level system for your organization. Similarly, you can pick software that would be essential to operate your business smoothly.

Consult with a tech consultant

If you are not a tech geek, you are most likely to face confusion in selecting your tech products. You may end up buying the wrong tech equipment without any external help.

Consulting with a tech consult is the best way to procure the right IT asset. The consultant will analyze your business goal and operations before suggesting an ideal tech solution and products. Moreover, the consultant will offer the i3 laptop price or other computers to assume a tech budget based on your needs. In this way, you can prepare well to buy the right devices.

Select affordable tech products

Having a low tech budget? It doesn’t mean to limit purchasing new tech solution for your employees. As a new firm, start with the best laptop under 30,000 or other affordable options which come under your budget to begin your business operations. At this budget, you can procure computers necessary to enhance your work productivity and expand your team at the workplace.

It is doesn’t mean to select a cheap product which can’t meet your computing needs. Avoid luxury products and software, but you should choose the right product for your firm.

Finance options

Many finance options are available for startups and small businesses to procure their business computers. You can obtain products on the lease, rent and even subscription from top OEMs in the market. These finance options are perfect for small businesses lacking an enough tech budget to purchase new computers.

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5 Tips to Make IT Equipment Purchase Easy and Seamless Experience

A right IT infrastructure is instrumental in solving operational woes of your business. The modern tech solution can enhance your employees’ productivity, work efficiency, management, and competitiveness in the industry. On the contrary, bad IT equipment purchase can hamper your ability to compete, innovate, and address short and long-term computing needs.

The process of IT equipment purchase is not less than a daunting experience for most of the entrepreneurs. Indecision on prices features required, and other problems keep coming up to delay the process. Remember, unwanted delays cause a loss to your company hurting the bottom line and operational success.  

But, there are ways to avoid these confusions and make the process a lot easier. Here are the points to remember while going out for tech products shopping –  

1. Make an IT Plan

One of the main reasons for IT equipment purchase indecision is lack of an IT plan for companies. Chalking out the IT strategy is the first thing you should do before making a purchase. Deliberate on the top software, hardware, and computers needed for a suitable tech solution necessary for your firm.

The IT plan must support your business goals for the present and future expansion. You should decide whether you need HP Zbook, Dell Latitude laptops, or Lenovo ThinkCentre to promote a smooth integration in the existing system.

Having an IT plan in place is crucial to running your business successfully, considering the significant role it plays in the modern corporate world. Failing to plan will lead to waste of your money and mediocrity of your business.

2. Assess your Business Goals

Every business set significant goals and objectives to achieve. It may be to increase work efficiency, productivity or effectiveness at the workplace. Some of the companies aim to make their companies future-proof with advanced new equipment purchases.

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase the best laptop under 30,000 or 50,000 from a prominent OEM, but it should help to achieve your operational goals. Advanced technology solution will give an edge over competitors while providing better performance and reliability. Assess your goal and decide on purchases.

3. Plan your tech budget 

The new tech products purchase does not come cheap. It involves a lot of financial investment which is equal to the number of employees in your firm. Above all, many business owners return to home overspending their tech budget after listening to salesman pitch or unrealistic marketing claims of OEMs.

New PCs and business laptops are launched every year by OEMs. Even the most advanced computers would be useless if it is not compatible with your system. But, you would surely pay a hefty sum for procuring these devices.

Making a tech budget and sticking to it is an ultimate way to prevent overspending and get a debt. Compare the i3 laptop price with desktops with a similar configuration of various OEMs to make a selection. Further, see which devices possess the right setup and features needed in your tech solution before buying your equipment.

4. Think beyond today

In today’s competitive world, you would perish within a short time unless you have innovative ways to succeed and sustain in the marketplace. Being creative in tech procurement is a smart way of supporting your future expansion. Acquiring advanced technology will help you to streamline your business operations and create better products than competitors. Investing in the advanced computing system gets you ready not for only the existing customer service but also in the future.

5. Consult with tech consultants

Going out for shopping of tech products with a load of doubts is not a good idea. It is essential to clear your confusions and concerns consulting with a qualified tech consultant. The experts will offer a perfect tech solution based on your employee’s usages, capacity and current resources necessary for your organization. Moreover, you will get an asset utilization ratio evaluation to see if the new purchase is justified or not.


Follow the five essential tips to make your IT purchase seamless and easy. Moreover, you can own IT asset based on your computing needs and solve operational woes.

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Trust a scalable subscription model and meet your business’ computing needs

Enterprises can finance their IT easily and manage end-user computing needs in a hassle-free manner…

It’s definitely a good time to be a corporate customer in India. Procuring the latest IT products and solutions in a smooth manner is a reality now.  Any enterprise can easily meet their end-user computing needs with a flexible and scalable tech subscription model. Whether hardware, software or services, everything is now available on per-user based monthly payment   

More importantly, small enterprises can plan growth even without worrying about resources and budget at them. The option to finance IT and rent or lease any tech products has brought a level playing field in the industry. So, a startup or an SME can subscribe best laptop under 30000 in any quantity and bolster their tech infrastructure.  

Further, online IT procurement platforms have ensured efficiency with renting tech products or services on any scale. They have revolutionized the industry by introducing a per-user or per-device subscription model for enterprise customers.  This does away with upfront investment which often deprives opportunities to businesses lacking resources or money.  With flexible terms and options to avail, any business can dream big and compete with the best in the industry.     

What’s more, tech companies needn’t feel bothered about i3 laptop price when there is a subscription model that works better than financing options. They can avail a package and enter into service level agreements to get higher uptime with devices and enhance their overall productivity. Plus, a superior product life cycle support is also promised on top procurement platforms.

Above all, a business gets to deal with experts who understand technology, computing and IT requirements for across industries. They bring the edge of multivendor solutions so that growth needs can be met effortlessly.  Their platform stocks products from leading OEMs in the world to create difference to the operations and performance of any business.

So, lease HP Zbook with any specifications and in any number and support your business’ aspirations.

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Looking to buy business computers? Find out how to buy tech asset seamlessly

Are you looking to buy new business computers or upgrade existing ones?

If yes, the process to acquire the right devices require planning and exhaustive brainstorming making it a daunting experience for the owners. IT infrastructure upgrade involves a lot of capital investment based on the number of employees, but it is crucial to achieving success in the long run.

Whether you are searching for the best laptop under 30,000 or workstations from prominent OEMs, you choose the right computer for your firm. Otherwise, you will lose an opportunity to acquire the most suitable tech solution suiting your business operations despite spending a lot of money in tech asset acquisition.

Here is the process you should follow in picking your business computers from the market:

Plan for tech asset upgrade or buy

The first step to buy a reliable IT solution is to analyze your business operations and what it requires to perform that seamlessly. Acquiring the right tech asset will significantly improve productivity and work efficiency in the office.

After assessing your computing needs, plan to buy new or upgrade devices available with you. Update the existing business computers with recent software, hardware, and specifications which incur less cost than acquiring new ones. However, buying new business computers is also a good idea to replace your ailing tech asset.

For instance, replacing old laptops with HP Zbook and other workstations will enhance performance and productivity at the office. You should aim to acquire reliable business computers that solve your organization challenges effectively.  

Evaluate and Pick Computers to Buy

Post realizing your computing needs, the time has come to pick suitable devices. As there are many OEMs, you can compare and evaluate devices based on screen sizes, prices, hardware, windows, software, and other features.

Compare the i5 or i3 laptop price of different brands before making a selection for your firm. With proper research and analysis, you are in the right step to get most suitable systems for your business operations.

Don’t go for cheap computers

Selecting cheap business computers is one of the common mistakes commit by organizations in acquiring IT asset. But, it does not mean to obtain luxury devices which pile up your tech costs. You must purchase the right equipment based on employee tiers and work to perform in the end to save costs of future acquisition.

If you can’t decide which business computers will fit your operations, consult with a tech expert for guidance and help. Even IT procurement firm like Corpkart can help you in picking and buying devices at the best prices. Contact Corpkart to buy your IT asset now. 

Top HP Laptops and Workstations to Choose for Your Business

As a leading technology company, HP has a range of laptops, desktops, and workstations needed by a firm to perform its business operations smoothly. With availability of various business computers, you can rely on HP products for a technological solution that you need in your organization. That is because HP has the best laptop under 30,000 for regular works to the premium workstation for complex business operations.

However, selecting your device from an extensive range of HP products from budget-friendly Chrome books to premium quality business laptops is tough. Here is a list of top HP laptops models to know before selecting your tech asset:

1.Spectre – Spectre is one of the most popular and best models of HP products. The lightweight, premium and portable devices come with beautiful displays.  

2.Envy – If you are looking for a laptop with attractive design, vibrant displays, and premium audio, the HP Envy has these features and style in excess.

3.EliteBook – HP’s top business laptops known for performance and premium quality design with IT support. It is a perfect choice for firms with high portability and thin design. EliteBook Folio is the name to search for.

4.Probook – Fine business laptops, HP probooks are known for high performance in increasing office productivity, but come with a medium price tag and attractive design.

5.ZBook – A HP ZBook may be a top choice for professionals who need workstation-class performance and power. It comes with robust security and rugged design.

6.Pavillion – If you are searching for a median device between Notebook and Envy model, the HP Pavilion will be an ideal choice. It is known for decent performance, price, and sizes with advanced features set.

7.Notebook – HP notebooks come with simple design and low price tag, but are useful to perform regular works at an office. HP’s i3 laptop price is counted as one of the lowest in the market and a top choice for price-conscious organizations.  

8.Omen – This is HP’s gaming brand, and Omen laptops come with powerful graphics and deliver high performance in playing games.

As you can see, HP has a wide range of models, from low to high price options for buyers. After knowing the features and specifications, you can choose the right device for your organization. However, finding all the products at a local store is not easy unless it is an authorized business partner like Corpkart.

Corpkart is India’s first procurement firm and an authorized partner of HP, Dell, Acer, and Lenovo products. They help businesses to procure the latest IT asset at a reasonable cost. Contact them to buy products now.

Give your team the power of performance with HP ZBook workstation laptops

Budget won’t come in the way if you want the team members to have the best of workstation laptops to support IT operations…

Workstation laptops are easily the best devices for professionals who look for portable power. These laptops not only deliver solid performance but also have a light mobile chassis to ensure ease of carrying from place to place. In fact, price tags are no longer an issue for tech companies when they look to procure workstations to boost team productivity.

Thanks to the arrival of HP ZBook line of workstations, tech firms whether they are startups or SMEs can easily procure them in any scale and keep pace with the latest technology changes in the domain. These notepads combine the best of affordability, design and performance to support tech operations of any scale and for any size of company. 

Further, these laptops are aimed at small business owners looking more than typical consumer-grade products in a reasonable budget. The pros of these laptops include military-type durability and strong battery life. Even if the design somewhat looks chunky, they have a strong processor which lends it the power in performance not available with other products in the domain.

More importantly, tech companies can avail the services of an online IT procurement platform and get attractive rental packages and offers for their purchase of workstations. They can procure best laptop under 30000 at a fraction of their original cost through rent, lease or subscription arrangement. Plus, business-only-pricing is also available when the procurement is done with a top platform in the domain.

Above all, businesses can trust a top procurement company for getting to browse through the hardware, software and integrated tech solutions from leading OEMs in the world. They can compare, search, analyze and find the best specifications of any tech products required for supporting the IT infrastructure of the company in a smooth manner.

So, identify a reliable procurement partner and get the best i3 laptop price for your operations.

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3 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Buying a Laptop

Even if you already have a few laptops and know what sorts of features you want in a product, it will not make you immune from making common mistakes when buying a laptop or HP Zbook. You can be suckered in by high-end features or a pretty screen, even if you don’t need them.

The following is a list of some of the most common laptop mistakes for you so that you can leave all possible regrets at the door:

The Cheapest Laptops

Some affordable laptops are available in the market, but just because they will cost you will, doesn’t mean that they have all the features you want or are going to do the job right for you.

For instance, if you are confused between a quad-core and dual-core processor and want to run different applications simultaneously, then you can’t compromise with the dual-core processor only because it is less expensive. With the dual-core processor, your system won’t be as powerful as you need.

Instead of jumping for the lowest cost, you better find the laptop that will serve your needs. You can get the best laptop under 30000 from a reliable seller.

Paying too much

Conversely, topnotch laptops might tick every box, but if you are paying extra for hardware and feature you don’t need, you are wasting your money.

For example, a new MacBook can cost you around USD6000, but only a few people need 4TB of storage on their laptop. You can buy yourself the same product with the same specifications for half of that price.

Gaming laptops can be costly, but if you only play indie games, you don’t need all that hardware.

Ignoring Ports and Compatibility

Not all notebooks and laptops have the ports you rely on. Many advanced laptops only have USB-C and Thunderbolt ports. If you need an SD card reader or USB-A, make sure that your chosen product has those particular ports before buying or budget for an adaptor.

So, these are top-three mistakes buyers commit when buying a laptop. To know more about laptops, i3 laptop price, specifications, etc., contact us at Corpkart, a renowned company providing the best in class electronic items for the corporate world at reasonable prices.