5 top Lenovo business laptops to consider buying in 2019

In the PC market, Lenovo needs no introduction. The brand products range from laptops, workstations and desktops like Lenovo ThinkCentre for business operations. We can find conventional computers, convertibles, business laptops, multi-purpose PCs, and premium notebooks suiting our needs. In other words, Lenovo has every kind of machines necessary for home users and entrepreneurs.

In this blog, we will be looking at the top business laptops to consider buying in 2019 –

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad 330S

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S won’t be a wrong choice though it is not a full-fledged business laptop. But, the PC may be the best tool to possess on a low budget suited for small projects.

IdeaPad 330S comes with an i3-8130U process, 4 GB RAM, and 1 TB hard drive, giving a significant boost in performance and reliability. No problem will come while surfing the internet, music, and working on MS words or office.

  1. Lenovo Yoga C930-the classy 14-inch computer

Lenovo Yoga C 930 has a gorgeous slim design laptop with long battery life and fast performance. The 14-inch laptop comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and PCI SSD. The 4K display, powerful speakers and webcam cover make it an excellent choice for users.

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad P1

The Lenovo ThinkPad P1 is a powerful computer with a sleek and lightweight design offering excellent portability to users. The PC is equipped with Dolby Vision 4 K display with the standard keyboard to ensure quality multimedia experience.

Here are the key specifications –

  • CPU – Intel Xeon E-2176M
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Pro
  • RAM – 32 GB upgradable to 64 GB
  • HDD – 2 TB
  • Graphics Card – Nvidia Quadro P2000
  • Slots – USB 3.0 and others.
  • Weight -4 pounds

4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the only laptop to have approved for space usages at International Space Station. ThinkPad comes with a carbon-fibre chassis, long battery life, HDR display, world-class keyboard, attractive and lightweight for portability.

The PC comes with dual and quad-core 7th or 8th generation CPU enabling users to enhance productivity, performance and portability. It is considered one of the best business laptops for overall performance. The Lenovo ThinkPad price is a bit high, but worth the investment considering its ability to boost productivity in an office.

Here are the key specifications –

  • CPU – Core i5-8250U
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Pro
  • RAM – 16 GB
  • HDD – 512 GB
5. Lenovo ThinkPad T480

If you want a laptop with extended battery life, the Lenovo ThinkPad T480 is the ultimate choice for users. The PC comes with a 17 hours long battery life, and it doesn’t disappoint users even in endurance, reliability and performance.   

With excellent battery life, keyboard and many ports, ThinkPad T480 offer a balance of usability, portability, and price to be a perfect business laptop.

Here are the key specifications –

  • CPU – Intel Core i5-8350U
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Pro
  • RAM – 8 GB expandable up to 16 GB
  • HDD size – 256 GB

We hope this Lenovo business laptops list will help in buying the best computers for your business operation.

However, we know deciding which computers to buy for business operations is never easy. If you want more guidance on tech products purchase and financing options, consult with Corpkart tech consultants now.

Lenovo ThinkPad vs Lenovo ThinkCentre: which is better for a business operation?

Lenovo is one of the most popular OEMs with a wide range of consumers and business computers. In the business category, you can find both desktops and laptop with a variety of hardware, processor and features. PCs are diverse as you can choose Lenovo IdeaPad to Lenovo Yoga and ThinkCentre. Select the right device to meet your operational goal and support the IT requirement at the office.

In this blog, we will see the difference between Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkCentre and which one to choose for your business operation –

Lenovo ThinkPad – the Ultimate Business Laptop

Companies have two options to choose, either laptop or desktop, for business operations. As the scale of projects increases, there is a need for high-end computers.

If your projects demand high computing performance, Lenovo ThinkPad may be an ideal choice. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the most popular laptop in this series. It is the only laptop to have approved for use in International Space Station.

The laptop comes pack with performance and battery life in a slim and attractive carbon-fibre chassis. It also has a fantastic keyboard and a colourful display with a dual-core processor. The device is durable with great emphasis given on the security for a user. That said it is a machine to boost your productivity and efficiency at the workplace.

The ThinkPad comes with high-end CPU and RAM essential in a business laptop. It is one of the reasons why the Lenovo ThinkPad price is a bit high than other model lines. But, acquiring this laptop may be a game-changer in your business operation.

Lenovo ThinkCentre – best all-in-one desktop

Desktops are still popular for business operations in offices around the world. However, companies need reliable, durability and advanced PCs to carry out complex activities.

If you want a high-end desktop for all-round performance in your office, then the Lenovo ThinkCentre may be an ideal option for you. It is often compared with the Dell Precision and Apple iMac for its ability to perform work faster and efficiently.

What makes the ThinkCentre unique is its ability to use graphics, design work, and run complex business applications. ThinkCentre M910z is one of the popular choices in this category. Best of all, you can procure the device at a competitive price.

Final words

Both Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkCentre are beasts when it comes to performance and effectiveness in business operations. If you need a great business laptop, choose ThinkPad and ThinkCentre for a desktop.

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Most popular Lenovo computers for business operations in 2019

Technology plays a crucial role in the success of a company. New tech solution empowers a firm to beat competitors while producing better products and services for customers. At the same time, business laptops built for specific purposes increase productivity and efficiency in project delivery. That is why it is the right time to upgrade or refresh your ailing tech products with modern ones.

Why choose Lenovo computers for your business operations?

Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers of business computers essential to create a workable solution. The products are known for their reliability, speed, design and sturdiness among the users worldwide.

Besides designing for a specific purpose, every computer undergoes rigorous stress tests before coming into the market. Lenovo ThinkCentre is one of the most popular PCs useful to carry out complex operations smoothly.

Here is a list of business laptops from Lenovo to consider for your company –

Lenovo IdeaPad

When you need a budget laptop blended with feature and performance, you can choose the Lenovo IdeaPad for your employees. Though the device has an i3 processor with 4GB RAM, yet it is enough to work on a small project where hardware and speed requirement is less. But, it is one of the best choices for a company in a low budget.

Lenovo ThinkPad

ThinkPad is the most popular series of business laptops from Lenovo. The Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 is considered one of the most reliable and secure business laptops from the brand. It is the only laptop which was used in International Space Station at zero gravity.

Here is a list of top features of this laptop –

  • Excellent portability weighing only 2.49 pounds.
  • Long battery life enduring over 11 hours.
  • Great keyboard with a soft touch for typing.
  • Many mix ports for connectivity.
  • Sharp and colourful screen.
  • Quad cores, SSD and 16 GB RAM which offer excellent performance.

Though the Lenovo ThinkPad Price is a bit high, yet it is the machine needed to make your business operation faster and efficient. That is why tech experts consider this laptop as one of the best systems in overall performance.

Apart from the ThinkPad, I would love to recommend Lenovo Yoga, Miix, and Legion series for business operations, but they are better in their purposes.

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Improve your business solutions with Lenovo products

Next time when you go out for shopping tech equipment, consider the Lenovo products. The company is the largest seller of PCs for commercial, consumers and enterprise level products. It can also be a perfect work solution to any business for growth and success regardless of the sizes and niche industry.

Why technology matters for your business operation?

As a business owner, you might have set many business goals and vision to achieve over a while. There is no alternative solution for a company than procuring advanced tech products to realize those goals. Make an IT plan and purchase computers to support your ambition.

Lenovo is one of the leading pioneers of technology products in the world. You can find entry-level computers to the latest workstation like Lenovo ThinkCentre for business operations. But, your aim should acquire tech assets based on your computing needs.

Here are some Lenovo business laptops to consider buying for your employees –

Lenovo IdeaPad 330S

Lenovo IdeaPad is one of the affordable laptops available in the market. Perfect for low-end works and personal usages like internet browsing, gaming, and music, IdeaPad has an ideal blend of features and performance for a budget device. You can’t ask for a better laptop to perform low-end projects in an office.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Considered one of the best business laptops, Lenovo ThinkPad comes with excellent security and hardware to ensure high performance in business operation. It is the only laptop that has been used in International Space Station at zero gravity.

The laptop is light and compact with improved display and trackpad for premium user experience. That is why Lenovo ThinkPad price is a bit high but can be a crucial asset to your organization.

Lenovo Yoga 720

If any of your projects require a convertible laptop, Lenovo Yoga can be a perfect choice. The 2-in-1 device can be transformed into a tablet whenever needed with a 360-degree rotation feature. It possesses powerful features and hardware to ensure smooth functioning at the workplace. The touch screen laptop is compatible to run with numerous styli.

Apart from that, you can choose Lenovo Miix for the best notebook experience and portability for long distant travel for executives.

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Top 3 business laptops from Lenovo

It is a well-known fact that no company can thrive for long without a smart tech solution. More computing power is needed as projects become complex and heavy. New business laptops and PCs are essential to get to an IT solution.

Growth doesn’t happen by chance without a well-planned strategy aligning with your business goal. If you want success, growth, and revenue, you must keep up with competitors. And, it is possible when you have a reliable and durable IT infrastructure in place.

Why consider Lenovo business laptops to purchase?

Lenovo is an OEM in the technological world with PCs, laptops, workstations, and towers like Lenovo ThinkCentre on offer. Their devices have full acceptance and usages in industries around the globe.

Here are top 3 business laptops to consider for your business –

Lenovo IdeaPad

Cheap laptops do not always prove undesirable. Lenovo IdeaPad is an ideal choice for any business struggling with financial constraints in procuring tech equipment for employees. You don’t need to burn your tech budget to buy this device.

Despite its low price, IdeaPad 320s comes with a compact frame and modern look. Run Windows 10 well to perform any entry-level work which doesn’t require a powerful processor. However, you can select IdeaPad advanced versions like 340S, 530S and even higher if you need better configurations and hardware for your operations.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Want a robust business laptop for your firm? Lenovo ThinkPad may be an ideal choice for any business. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon offers excellent portability, durability, and productivity at the workplace.

Come with a 16-hour long battery, and there won’t be any problem in the workplace even without access to electricity. The 7th generation dual-core processor offers exceptional speed and consistent performance to run a complex application. But, the Lenovo ThinkPad price is higher than a regular business laptop available in the market.

Lenovo Yoga

Need a two-in-1 business laptop for your company? Lenovo Yoga is one of the best choices in this category. The device comes with great battery life, 8th generation CPU, smooth keyboard and stylish look. A quality performance is guaranteed when using this device at the workplace.

ThinkPad Vs. IdeaPad: Which one to buy for your business?

As a business owner, the tech equipment purchase is always a headache. The process requires analysis of tech budget, operation goal, computing needs, and other factors. After evaluation, you take the final call of making new devices or upgrade the existing ones with better hardware like RAM, new software, and others.

Lenovo needs no introduction in the technology world. The company offers a variety of computing systems which are useful to create an IT solution required by small businesses to big enterprises. The tech equipment of Lenovo are cost-effective and can purchase an entry-level system to latest Lenovo ThinkCentre tower based on your computing needs.

Popular laptops of Lenovo

Lenovo has many models which are popular in the technology world. Some of the famous product lines are Lenovo Yoga, Legion, Miix, IdeaPad and ThinkPad among others. But, here we will compare only the ThinkPad and IdeaPad to avoid confusion and make a better choice based on your needs.


Lenovo IdeaPad may be one of the best choices in the consumer laptop category. The device was built focusing on regular consumers with style, design, portability, video, Dolby speakers, graphics, and so on to improve user experience. The wide touch screen, frameless and shiny screens are top plus points for personal users.

Moreover, IdeaPad is cheap and comes with a thin design which makes long distant travel an easy task for the mobile worker. It is found in four models and comes with modern features for business executives.


The business category laptops are made focusing on security, durability, reliability, and customizability. Lenovo ThinkPad stands out in these departments making one of the popular choices for business professionals.

Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 is the only laptop used on International Space Station at zero gravity. The devices come with an active security system, composite cases, TrackPoint, LCD screen, LED keywords, fingerprint reader and other features. These are the essential features needed in a business laptop to get smooth functioning and durability while protecting your sensitive information and files.

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How can a small business acquire tech solution from Lenovo?

A tech solution is essential for every business, whether small or big, for its operation. The small size of your company doesn’t lessen instead increases tech equipment needs to be efficient, flexible and supportive of ongoing activities. Unless you have a smart tech solution, competitors will outpace your growth and crush in the race to succeed. That is why you need a develop a tech solution based on your needs and compete with others.

Are you planning to acquire a new computing system?

Lenovo may be an ideal option being the leading seller of business laptop and PCs around the world. You can procure tech equipment necessary to develop a small business solution.

Here are some of the critical laptops and PC you can consider to buy for your business –

Affordable and light laptops for mobile workers

The Lenovo IdeaPad is an excellent choice for any organization looking for a light, cheap and durable laptop. It is an excellent buy for mobile workers who need to travel frequently for business presentation and meeting. The notebook has a decent design and built with a smooth keyboard. With a high storage capacity, you can store a lot of files needed at the workplace and board meeting. Minimum maintenance required with no heat emission problem keeping the device cool and performing for a long time. Explore the different models of Lenovo IdeaPad according to your needs and budget.

Durable and powerful laptop

Companies looking for a durable and powerful laptop than IdeaPad can shop for Lenovo Thinkpad. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is one of the most popular devices among the companies winning a prestigious award in the technology world.

Best of all, the thin and light ultrabook has unbeatable power and suitable for rough usages. The Lenovo ThinkPad price is not as high as other counterparts but offers outstanding security and reliability to be a productivity machine. Explore the ThinkPad X and E series to compare features before making your final decision.

Reliable Desktops for Employees

Desktops are still a good choice for companies to purchase for fixed employees. Lenovo has many desktops which are useful to create a modern IT infrastructure for any business. Some of the notable desktops are the Lenovo ThinkCentre and IdeaCentre packed with powerful processors and features to perform works seamlessly.

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Procure quality laptops and get sure of powerful performance for the business

A tech business can only compete with the best in the industry when it is equipped with quality hardware and software products…

Laptops are integral to the tech infrastructure of small and big businesses alike. They help drive the performance and support operations on any scale. With so many brands available in the market, it’s never easy for an enterprise to choose right products and meet specific requirements in a smooth manner. Plus, budget is also an issue     for some businesses when it comes to buying tech products.   

Thanks to online procurement platforms, cost is no longer an issue in maintaining the best of tech infrastructure today.  Any enterprise can afford world-class hardware and software and integrated solutions even if budget is not there. So, Lenovo Thinkpad price won’t stop any company from procuring it in any quantity to support its operations and achieve targets over time.

The Thinkpad series is known for powerful performance, long battery life and robust security features. These laptops deliver exceptional graphics and plus, they are lightweight in nature and can be carried anywhere with ease. With these products, businesses can expect rugged durability, premium design and amazing HDR display not available in the same price range.  

Similarly, the Lenovo thinkcentre series of desktops is great for business to support operations on any scale. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, so can fit any spaces with effortless ease. These PCs are known for unique designs and powerful performance, suitable for any environment. Plus, a business can procure them on easy terms without worry about upfront payment.

In addition, top procurement platforms stock tech products from only leading OEMs in the world so that corporate customers can be served in the best way possible. With them, it’s simple to finance IT and strengthen the core of the business without investing a lot of money on immediate basis. You can also buy Lenovo Ideapad in any specification and get the edge for your business.

So, trust a reliable platform and meet all your tech requirements in a hassle-free manner.

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Top 3 Lenovo Business Computers for Your Firm

Modern computers are vital for carrying out business operations successfully. Every company needs to procure advanced IT infrastructure for high work efficiency and productivity at the workplace. It is evident that an ailing IT system won’t be able to meet your computing needs and beat competitors of your industry.

When it comes to business-class computers, Lenovo is counted as one of the most popular tech companies available in the market today. With a series of customer-centric PCs, the company has offered a reliable tech solution to businesses operating across industries. The OEM has everything that a company needs to carry out its operations seamlessly.  

Are you looking for reliable Lenovo business computers for your firm? Let us look at the top 3 business computers that you may choose for your firm:

IdeaPad Laptops 

The Lenovo IdeaPad laptop series consists of the mainstream to premium model business laptops. The products are sleek, simple, stylish and premium in quality. The IdeaPads are a top choice for their portability with high aesthetic value and designs. Apart from that, the series has all-in-one or convertible laptops making them a top choice for professionals who needs to travel a lot for business meeting and presentation.

ThinkPad Laptops

The Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are meant for companies looking for more robust business computers than IdeaPad. The laptops are compact and made for higher security, durability, and performance. The computers come with spill-proof keyboards and battery power for extended use in business operations.

These laptops have immense usages and prevalent in the business community for their performance and functions. Moreover, the Lenovo ThinkPad price starts from medium to high based on the series making them ideal for medium to large enterprises.

ThinkCentre Desktop

The Lenovo ThinkCentre is a powerful desktop known to increase productivity and solid reliability. The PC is suitable for small business to large enterprises for ease of work and productivity. It is available in two types – M series tiny and M series Tower for companies to buy in their firms.

Thus, if you are thinking of acquiring a Lenovo powered tech solution for your business, these products may be a great addition to overcome operational challenges. Corpkart, India’s first IT procurement firm, can help you in buying the devices at best prices. Contact them to know more. 

Lenovo Ideapad And Lenovo Thinkpad: Which Is the Best Laptop for You?

You may have thought of two popular Lenovo laptop series as your preferred choice for official use and gaming but are unsure which one is the best for you. In this post, we have broken down the difference between the Lenovo Ideapad and the Lenovo Thinkpad and which device would be suitable for different types of users.

Read on.

What is great about the Ideapad?

Launched by Lenovo in 2008, Ideapad is known to be a consumer-based laptop. The company made several changes in features and designs of the Ideapad to make it suitable for consumer-based rather than the business-based line of the Thinkpad. Some people believe that the Ideapad laptops are better for gaming and home use only because of their frameless screens, widescreen touch controls, Dolby speakers, and a glossy screen. However, Lenovo Ideapad 710 is an excellent option for professional uses and heavier gaming.

The Ideapads are not as robust and durable as the Thinkpads are, but they will be an excellent choice for students and people on the move. If you are looking to buy a brand new laptop for your child, we would recommend the Ideapad.

What is great about the Thinkpad?

Initially launched by IBM in 1992, Lenovo, a prominent Chinese company, acquired it in 2005 in a five-year deal. The Lenovo Thinkpad Price is a bit high, but it’s the Iron Man of laptops. Lenovo tests Thinkpad laptops against twelve military grade requirements and 200 quality checks to guarantee that they can function in any condition. It is quite clear that you won’t prefer a laptop that can weather elements when it comes to gaming. That is the reason why the Lenovo laptops serve the needs of businesses, where devices are passed to new employees.

Lenovo Thinkpad T430 is phenomenal for office use, the E570 for extensive office use, and the E575 for employees and extensive home and office use.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the product of your choice according to your needs and requirements!

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